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Use with pool fill, planter, pool sand and railroad ties. Works best in garden beds that have red stone but no debris removal or concrete.

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Life is really short, you know... Office Express keeps you out of the office!

Office Expresssoftware for professionals


Created by Geno!

The "old timers" know, when the industry was first computerizing, Geno's software was the consensus best on the market. Starting with a large Long Island base, the software grew to where user's all over the country were using the software.

Tree Sprayer Billing Software. Geno's Millie software for Landscapers.

The Office Express version of the software works almost exactly the same as his previous software. Office Express also utiltizes the latest advancements of technologies and has now been in use for over a decade.

Keeping in step with the latest advancements of the Windows platform, Office Express is positioned to be at the leading edge, and to provide access to, these new technologies.

Seed, bricks, snow removal, shrub trim and sod lawn

About OE

Tried and Tested. Satisfied users for over two decades!

Office Express, first released in 2005, is a windows version of Geno's popular MS-DOS program. Landscape Gardeners, Tree Sprayers, Pool Services and other service industries throughout the United States have been using Geno's software for over 25 years.

Office Express is the continuing evolution of his popular software. To this day Office Express maintains the same ease of use at its core that made the MS-DOS version so popular, but also takes advantage of all the advancements in the Windows environment.

Pool Service Billing Software, Microsoft combination great partner.
An Unbeatable Combination

All your customer data easily exports to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and is available to other Microsoft products such as Access.

With our experience and the Microsoft technologies our customers are guaranteed a product that is well thought out and provides all the features and functionality required for your business.

Sod repair, soil preporation with top soil


Office Express is feature rich and will meet virtually any of your business' needs...


Office Express is a complete set of tools for service related businesses that require the flexibility and power offered by Office Express.

Wizzards help the Professional Landscaper and Sprinkler service.

Office Express makes use of assistants and wizzards to guide you every step of the way. Also provided is extensive documentation that explains the simplest fetures to the most technically oriented.

Storm damage along with stump removal.

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Office Express has been designed and written by a developers and professionals who have been directly involved in this field for decades. Having developed and sold other software products all over the world, we know the exact needs of our customers.

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Be sure to view our Documentation pages for getting started and using the great features in Office Express.

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Package Pricing

Office Express is available in two packages. The Basic Billing edition and the Office Express Elite edition.


Basic Billing Landscape Sofware
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Easy and Fast Scheduling
  • Complete Work in Minutes
  • Automated Billing
  • Autmatic Recheduling each year


Elite edition of scheduling software
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Easy and Fast Scheduling
  • Complete Work in Minutes
  • Automated Billing
  • Autmatic Recheduling each year


  • Job Routing
  • Workorders
  • D.E.C. Chemical Records
  • Print Contracts
  • Print Collection Letters
  • Extensive Reporting
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Geno's Office Express Professional

Best-in-class software tool for the industry Satisfied customers for over 25 years

Industry software pioneer as far back as the popular MS-DOS versions!

With satisfied businesses nationwide for over 25 years

Office Express Professional Service Industry Software

Built for Speed.

Get in, get out. All features designed to reduce computer work.

View customer and accounts for your gardening or pool business.

Unlimited Customers.

No limitations. You'll never out grow Office Express.

Organize by tax rate, map location, weather conditions, town, contract status, balance due

Customer Categories.

Grouping customers together makes it easier and faster.

Trucks, equipment, chemical records, fertilizer, pool liners, chlorine, shock, lawn control

Unlimited Job Descriptions.

Counters for to do, and week, month and year totalizers

Lawn insect control, Spring cleanup, weed killer, pesticide, diving board

Powerful Route Designer.

Creating routes couldn't get any faster or easier.

shrub, tree, flowers, back yard, borer control, ceder, cement, gutters, gravel

One Click Data Viewing.

All customer information is only one click away.

grass, perennials, annuals, deicer, deer repellant, drainage, driveway sealing

Post Work in One Minute.

One screen. Tag 'em all, Post 'em all. 2 clicks. Done!

edge sidewalks, excavation, fungus control, flea control, weed control

Built-in Report Designer.

Create reports exactly as you want them.

Fence work, grub control and rake lawn are all under one roof

Powerful yet Easy of Use.

Program wizards and assistants always ready to guide you.

Your accountant will ask for hedge trimming, marble chips and lawn core airation.

Office Express Professional

Designed specifically to reduce the time spent at the computer

  • One click can complete an entire route or category of customers
  • Schedule all customers for a job all at once
  • Quickly print work orders and/or route sheets
  • Fast and easy payment entry
  • Collection letters, contracts all done with a few clicks
Industry Specific D.E.C. Records Proposals and Contracts Invoices, Statements, Collections
Office Express Business Card

Industry Specific

With over 25 years of experience, we know exactly what you need and how you need it. Office Express is not a one-size-fits-all accounting program with a service industry add-on. Office Express' user interface was designed specifically to reduce the time it takes to complete the tasks unique to this industry.

D.E.C. Records

With Office Express you can print and keep track of the chemical usage for each of your accounts. You can have Office Express print the chemicals to be used directly on contracts, work orders and route sheets.

Proposals and Contracts.

The backbone of Office Express is the work you schedule for each customer. For the most part, you probably know most of the jobs you will be doing at each location. The concept is to schedule the jobs first, then you can easily print proposals and contracts. With Proposals, a customer would be "inactive", this way they don't appear when billing or printing work orders.

Office Express Business Card

Invoices, Statements, Collections.

Monthly billing (or whatever period you choose) is the easiest step. All jobs which have been tagged as completed for that period will print. Office Express will print an invoice for each customer, automatically. Load up your printer with paper, start printing and your done.

For customers with outstanding balances, Office Express has many predefined collection letters that you can choose from. You are free to create your own or edit any of these letters.

The Office Express User Interface

Its all right there in front of you. No need to go through layers of menus. All you need to know:

  • Where the Left mouse button is to select an item
  • Where the Insert key is to insert something
  • Where the Delete key is to delete something
  • Where the Right mouse button is to get options
  • Where the Function keys are for access to shortcuts
Great program at a great price

Built for Speed.

Built for Ease.

Built for Professionals.

Built for Success.

Version 4.20

5 stars! Satisfied customers for over 25 years


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After the download completes, if you receive the following message, "File is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer"...

For Win 7 click "Actions" then "More" or "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".

For Win 10 click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".

That prompt, my friends, is 'SmartScreen'. It is designed to prevent 'unknown' programs from running without a prompt to the user first. This message could appear after a newer version of Office Express becomes available.



If you decide to purchase Office Express...

After you make your purchase you will need to email us with your Company Name spelled exactly as you entered it into the trial version you downloaded. If you have not yet downloaded and installed the trial version, do so first.

When sending your email, be sure to include capital letters, commas and any spaces that appear in your company name. Please note that CAPITAL letters and lower case letters are not the same.

Once your payment and email have been received, you will receive a return email containing a code that will upgrade your package.

a renewal, a rebirth...