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Office Express is a complete set of tools for service related businesses that require the flexibility and power offered by Office Express.

Office Express has been crafted with the latest software technologies available today. Keeping in step with the latest advancements of the Windows platform, Office Express is positioned to be at the leading edge, and to provide access to, these new technologies.  

Office Express Highlights

  The Microsoft .NET Technology

Office Express has been designed from the ground up using the new Microsoft .NET technology. This technology is the latest advancement in the Windows platform introduced by Microsoft. Windows has gone through a major evolution with the introduction of 2000 and XP using the .NET technology and will go through another major evolution again with the proposed release of Longhorn in a few years. Office Express is already using these technologies and is guaranteed to continue to be at the front edge of the technologies as they develop.


Office Express has been designed and written by a team of developers and professionals who have been directly involved in this field for decades. Having developed and sold other software products all over the world, our team knows the exact needs of our customers.

An Unbeatable Combination

With our experts and the new Microsoft technologies our customers are guaranteed a product that is well thought out and provides all the features and functionality required for your business.

Windows Compatibility

As mentioned earlier in this section, Office Express has been designed using the new Microsoft .NET technology. Because the .NET technology is the foundation for many new things to be introduced by Microsoft in the upcoming years, there has been no consideration for backward compatibility. As such, Office Express requires Windows 2000 or any edition of Windows XP. Users of earlier version of Windows will need to upgrade.

NOTE: Update Windows First!

Office Express has been designed with all the latest service packs and updates for Windows. Microsoft is constantly  making new updates available. Since your copy of Windows was installed Microsoft has released updates that you should download.

We can only guarantee that your copy of Office Express works the same as the product we develop is if you are completely up to date with Windows updates.

Make sure to install the latest service packs and critical updates.  The easiest way to make sure that you have all the proper patches is to visit Windows Update at  When you go there, click on "Product Updates".  The first time you visit, you will be asked to install a small plugin into your web browser.  Accept this and then the system will scan your computer to see what updates you need.  Don't worry, no information is being transferred to Microsoft.  You'll then see a huge list of potential updates.  The ones you really need to pay attention to are in the "Critical Updates and Service Packs" section.  Check the appropriate boxes and hit "Download".  The updates will then be installed automatically.  Depending on which updates you install, you may or may not need to restart your computer.  You should visit Windows Update at least once a week or so for all your computers running Windows. Note, you can also have Windows check for updates automatically. When an update is available you will automatically be alerted.


Software requirements- Windows 2000, XP or later. Hardware requirements– 256MB or greater memory recommended, high resolution monitor at 1024 x 768 resolution, minimum 20GB hard drive with 10MB available, a 1 Ghz or greater processor.

Importing Data from Other Applications

Currently Office Express allows you to seamlessly import data from other programs available on the market. Office Express allows you to “import-and-go”, meaning you will not need to retype any of your customer data.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: AS OF 2012 MICROSOFT NO LONGER SUPPORTS CONNECTING TO THE OLDER DATABASES SUCH AS PARADOX AND DBASE. If you have an older database, you can still have your database imported into Office Express, you will need to contact our tech support to have it done for you!.

Wizards and Assistants Make Using the Program Easy

Office Express uses the latest in Windows design taking full advantage of Wizards that help guide you through the numerous features of the program. If you have used Windows before you will already be familiar with Wizards. Office Express also has other assistants that will guide and speed up your interaction with the program!

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