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Table of Contents

The Office Express Home Page

This page explains to you the window you see when you first start Office Express.

Using Office Express for the First Time

This page will guide you through a few simple setup steps where you will define some overhead information needed by the system.

The Office Main Menu

This page describes all the option in the Office Express menu system.

Importing Data from Another Industry Software Package

If you are currently using another industry software program for your customer billing, read this section first. It could save you an awful lot of typing!

Office Express Basics

This section will guide you through the basic steps of inserting customers, scheduling customer jobs and marking jobs as completed after they are scheduled.  

Defining and Printing Customer Contracts

This page discusses how you define a customer contract to Office Express.

Shortcuts to Help You Schedule Jobs

Scheduling customer jobs is the most time consuming feature in the beginning. This page shows you shortcuts that will help speed up the process.

Using the Office Express Home Page to it's Fullest

The Office Express Home Page was built for speed! Take advantage of it!

Customers that Needed to be Called in Advanced

This paper discusses how to setup customers who need to be called on the phone before certain jobs can be done.

Job Routing

Putting you customers in the order you want them completed.

Printing Workorder, Route Sheets and Job Notifications

After you have routed your customers you'll want to print the paperwork needed for you and your crews.

Changing System Settings

This page explains how to change printers, workorder messages, default documents and invoices, and System Reports.

About the System Resets

Office Express resets totals at the end of each week, month and year. This page describes what happens during the resets.

Enabling Password Protection

This page will show you how to enable password protection and how to add users and passwords.

Using Row Filters

This page shows how you "filter" a list to narrow the number of customers you view.

Using Express Scheduling to Setup Next Dates for Weekly Maintenances

Using Express Scheduling to setup next dates only takes a few seconds to do all of your customers!

Customers are Missing when You Try to Print Workorders or Complete Work

This page explains common mistakes made when scheduling customer jobs.

Creating and Printing Reports

These pages will show and explain Office Express' powerful Report Designer and Report Engine.

Making Documents Fit Pre-designed Forms and Envelopes

If you already have pre-designed invoices and windowed envelopes, you can still use them. This page gives you tips on how to use the Report Designer to fit your existing forms.

Asking the Database Questions Using Queries

Office Express Query feature is very powerful and this page shows you how to use it.

Exporting Data to Microsoft Products

This page describes how you can export your Office Express data into Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Printing Mailing Labels

This page describes how you can print mailing labels.

Office Express' Notepad

Office Express comes with a notepad that you can use for reminders and notes.

Backing Up and Restoring Your Database

This page explains how to backup and restore your database. 

Using Office Express on a Network

This page describes how to setup Office Express on a network.

Internet Access

Office Express is connected to the internet if you are! 

Remote Assistance

How to obtain support through the internet.

Known Problems and Troubleshooting

Things we are aware of and that you should be aware of...

Software Support

How to obtain support for Office Express

Technical Information

The stuff you probably won't understand, but a friend will.

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